Who is Jaxon Radoc?

Well I’m currently 18 years old and live in Brisbane, Queensland! Outside of porn I am a full time student. I am originally from Florø in Norway and moved to Australia when I was 4 years old! I am the oldest of 4 boys!! And have a twin brother who is straight, I know!! How depressing!! Imagine what it would be like to have two of me!!

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    of study everyday
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    I just love sex
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    Weekly swimming
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    Daily dose of porn
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    Daily dose of Twitter

Me in a Nutshell

Jaxon Radoc

As long as I can remember I’ve know I was gay and had a passion for cock! I think growing up I was the biggest slut around!! I think the first time I actually sucked cock I was about 13 years old again embarrassing! I went to an all boys private boarding school and very soon lost my virginity to a 9 inch black cock!!

I loved going to an all boy’s school, the amount of orgies that went on was crazy!! I always liked sex though most of my scenes with Staxus I have topped in so far I love being fucked! Not only being fucked but also fucked hard, but also I have to say bareback flip-flopping is my favorite sex to have! Also, doing porn with Staxus gave me a great opportunity to fore fill some of my sexual fantasizes, which I have now ticked a few off of!!

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My life on a daily basis

Jaxon Radoc  
  1. Study 7h
  2. Twitter 4h
  3. Porn 2h
  4. 4 wanks!

I never expected the popularity that I would have within the Staxus community. At times it has been a little overwhelming. But, I really do love it! I look forward to seeing myself grown within the Porn industry. Not just in Europe but around the world. I really love the opportunity that I have to Travel the world and meet and fuck hot and awesome guys!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all,

  • If it doesn't fit, spit on it!- Jaxon Radoc